Brute V Brains is a more accurate way to describe the difference. High Pressure uses damaging water cutting edge to remove the stain or dirt, usually removing part of the façade. Our CROSS LINKED CHELA_CARBONATION process is safer, applied more quickly and yields far superior results. Here are a few common questions.
What types of surfaces can be "washed" by the low pressure solution?
All surfaces painted, aluminum, vinyl, or bare woodsiding, wood fences and decks, roofing, stucco, brick, cement block, concrete and ceramic tile.
How is the wash applied?
Our chemical wash is applied with a high tech specially designed LOW pressure sprayers. This is important to look for when choosing a company to restore your surface, as high pressure applications will actually damage the material during cleaning.
What are the advantages of using this treatment?
The most obvious advantage is that your home or place of business will look years younger when restored by The Low Pressure Solution. The advantage that you cannot see is that your surface is saved from deterioration by eliminating water-storing algae and fungus. Constant moisture can split wood and other surfaces.
How does it work?
A Chelacarbonation process cleans all surfaces like new. This scientificly proven process has been accepted and approved by countless government agencies. Our proprietary equipment, chemicals and methods are far superior to any other process. Within moments of being treated, it looks like new.
Is the wash safe?
YES, our biodegradable treatment is not harmful to children, pets or plants when applied properly.