The Pentagon Dryvit Bureau of Engraving Farm Credit
The Challenge: Cleaning the exterior of buildings clad with EIFS is a very tricky proposition and an important part of the routine maintenance required on EIF systems. When Dryvit, the nation’s leading EIFS manufacturer, needed to clean the exterior of its national headquarters in West Warwick, RI, it encountered difficulty finding an exterior cleaning company with experience in EIFS with the low pressure required to maintain and protect the integrity of the surface.

The Solution: Our ability to safely and effectively clean the 45,000 square feet of exterior surface at Dryvit’s headquarters was entirely based on the company’s unique high-pressure cleaning solution. Demonstrating the incredible speed and efficiency of our solution, the entire building was cleaned in the very early morning hours before employees arrived at work. The ability to complete the work quickly and safely and without creating any disruption to the company’s business day represented a substantial benefit to the client.

The Result: ”We were so impressed with the unique approach and the speed with which they were able to accomplish its work that we immediately purchased a license for the technology. I can think of no greater testimonial than that,” said Steve Collins, Vice President for Marketing at Dryvit Systems, Inc.