Since 1982 to the present Ken Barlow has worked as a business owner and consultant in the facade, roof and deck restoration industry. From Cape Cod to Key West Ken Barlow is responsible for the restoration and protection of single-family homes to the largest office building in the world, The Pentagon.
Recognized and published as the leading expert in the commercial cleaning industry, most recently a consultant to one of the largest coating company’s in the world (RPM) NYSE and largest façade manufacture in North America (DRYVIT). Publications such as The Building Services Contractors Association and Contracting Profits have consulted with, published and spotlighted projects personally completed by Ken Barlow. Ken Barlow created the low pressure cleaning industry and as a result is responsible for the training of over 300 individuals in this industry. Ken Barlow cleaned the largest Aluminum building in the world in the summer of 2000 in Tokyo called The Sumitomo Building. Ken Barlow now manages the operation of cleaning large High Rise buildings in Tokyo Japan. One of Ken’s more recognized residential customers is Secretary of State Colin Powell, who Ken introduced at the 1999 ISSA convention as the keynote speaker. Recently selected to restore the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum over 65 other companies.

Ken Barlow is the only person to be certified by the prestigious Department Of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the ability to restore 100% of reflectivity lost before cleaning with his cleaning process.To evaluate the value of cleaning your roof, click here to see the value of our roof cleaning process.